Linda Lindquist Baldwin's 2006 Open House

This year we had a wonderful snow and icy Winter Wonderland that added to the exciting and festive atmosphere!

You will see from the pictures that it takes a lot of people to make this all work and lots of people to have all the fun.

Peace and quiet before the day begins.

 Linda has some wonderful people who make this
 event successful.

Turns out Linda's brother is as talented as she
is in his own way. He did some of his "Cowboy
Poetry" to great reviews.

We know who runs the show ........

This little cat, Percy is a local celebrity.
Nearly as famous as Linda!

And the fun continues as the lucky winners of the special drawing get to select one of
Linda's  original "One of a Kind" papier-mache Santas.


You can see the pieces that Linda offered this year by clicking here. 

Now that Open House is over Linda has been working on her designs for the upcoming, "un"scheduled "Un"event on an "un"determined date.