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Linda wants everyone know that her 2010 line up will be late this year.
This is because of an unsuccessful attempt to negotiate lower prices.
 In the mean time, she is preparing two fall BROOMSNICKLES and will
let everyone know as soon as they are ready. 
Being hand creations, they will be very limited.  So, be patient and know that Linda is doing all she can to
continue the beautiful tradition of her art.

Want to see the Open House pictures or watch Linda's brother Keith sum up the history of the Open House in his own style?  May find yourself or your friends.
The Route 66 piece and "Perfect Pets"  are still  available - scroll down the page.
***Please note that all the ornaments are sold out as
 well as the Purple Santa and that everything is going fast.***


    Linda's 2009 Pieces

These pieces are available NOW!
Purchase right here with PayPal.


The actual sizes may vary from those shown.

Linda Lindquist Baldwin with her award winning "Santa w/Yule Log and Girl"

This is a copy of  the "mail in" card that accompanies each of the larger pieces. (The card is too large to be included in the smaller boxes)  Mail it in to be included in the upcoming monthly drawings.



0902 - Santa w/Train Annual Figurine
          10 1/4 inches high
          4 1/2 inches wide 
          Boxed and Signed $55.00

0903 - Santa w/Train Annual Bell


          3 3/4 inches high
          3 1/4 inches wide
          Boxed $25.00
0904 - Santa w/Train Annual Ornament 
          2 3/4 inches high
          2 1/4 inches wide
          Boxed  $13.50

Linda strives to enhance the value and collectibility of her Snickles by producing fewer pieces and personally hand-making many of them.
She is committed to you, her collector, and promises to protect your investment by keeping her Snickles very limited and exclusive.
0905 - "Believe" Snowman Annual Figurine 
          9 inches high
          5 1/2 inches at outstretched arms
          3 1/4 inches body width
     Boxed and Signed $55.

0906 - "Believe" Snowman Annual Bell 
          4 1/2 inches high
          3 1/2 inches at stretched arms
          2 3/4 inches body width
          Boxed  $25.00
0907 - "Believe" Snowman Annual Ornament 
          2 1/2 inches high
          2 1/2 inches at outstretched arms
          1 1/4 inches body width
          Boxed  $13.50

**The following pieces have been re-sculpted and painted by Linda.  Because they are so labor-intensive and time consuming, the quantities are very limited.  Each piece is signed, dated and numbered.
0909  Purple Santa w/Wreath & Package 
This piece has been re-sculpted & painted by Linda.
         4" high
         2" wide
Sold Out

0910  Snowman w/Sled & Tree  (hats and scarfs vary)
This piece has been re-sculpted & painted by Linda.
         5" high
         1 3/4" wide
Sold Out

0911  Angel Ornament 
This piece has been re-sculpted & painted by Linda.
         1 3/4" high
         2 1/2" wide
Sold Out

0912  Stacked Pumpkins w/Heart 
This piece has been re-sculpted & painted by Linda.
         8 1/4" high
         4 1/2" wide
         $ 35.00
     Sold Out

 0913  Fall Miss Season Ornament 
This piece has been re-sculpted & painted by Linda.
         2 1/2" high
         2 1/4" wide
Sold Out

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Shipping Charges
$0.01-$49.99 $8.50
$50.00-$99.99 $8.95
$100.00-$199.99 $9.50
$200- up $9.99
Linda loves her collectors.........and will pay any additional shipping charges.

"The Limited Edition Pieces will debut at Open House"

         If you know anyone without email who would like to receive this card, send us their address................

0901 - Route 66 Santa in Vintage Car 
          9 7/8 inches long
          4 inches wide
          5 inches high
sold out

This 2009 Numbered Limited Edition piece made it's debut at Linda's Open House.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Joplin Humane Society and the Joplin Museum Complex which is located on Route 66.

This piece was a big hit at Linda Lindquist Baldwin's 17th Annual Holiday Celebration/Open House, Sunday, December 6th, 2009. 

Note: Linda's sidekick, Bonnie, who has organized her Open House for 16 years was out of town due to a family death and unable to keep Linda organized this year.  Therefore, a couple of boxes were discovered after everyone had left.  If you missed one or want one, they are VERY LIMITED and will be gone quickly.
Thank you for choosing our Snickles!

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  "Perfect Pets" .........Santa w/Percy the Museum Cat
and Linda's Dog Snickles.

Decorative Iron Hook w Santa Face     $22.00


Decorative Iron Towel Holder with Santa Face $18.00

Santa Candle  $16.00
Fragrances - Creme Brulee,

 Butter Vanilla,
Temporarily out of stock

 Clean Cotton,
Temporarily out of stock

 & Dickens Christmas


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