Linda is working with some wonderful local people
 to save this historic bridge.
It would become a destination with a place to stop
and enjoy this beautiful creek.

I grew up in a beautiful rural area along Big Sugar Creek between Powell and Cyclone in McDonald County, Missouri.  Even as a child, I was in awe of the majestic old iron bridge, with its wood plank floor, that spanned the crystal clear waters of Big Sugar Creek near Powell.  I have always loved the “Song of the Bridge”.  To some people it may sound like rattling, groaning and creaking, but in my ears it has always been a beautiful symphony.

When I was a small child, the rhythm of the bridge could rock me to sleep as it murmured its lullaby.  When I was 18, I left my youth as well as the hills behind and ventured to the city to seek my fame and fortune.  As I left and crossed the old bridge, its cheerful melody bid me “farewell and God speed”.  I believe somehow it knew that some forty years later I would return and help save it from impending demise.

I know the “Song of the Bridge” also greeted many of my ancestors who lived in these hills, and I can distantly hear the cadence of this landmark bridge as they crossed it by horse and wagon.

Once again the “Song of the Bridge” provides me comfort and peace.  I remember my life-long love of this historic bridge with the beautiful waters of Big Sugar Creek dancing below, and the magnificent scenery surrounding it.  I truly hope this important part of my heritage will be saved to be treasured by many generations to come.

 The County Commissioners plan to build a new bridge (which is needed) and completely demolish this historic bridge which is nearly 100 years old and qualifies for the National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, I am involved in a grass roots effort to protect our landmark bridge and use it for pedestrian traffic only. Our efforts have been chronicled by most of the area newspapers and on television. My personal goal is to see flower beds, park benches, birdhouses, and bird feeders grace this majestic old ironclad bridge. Visitors from far and near could enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Big Sugar Creek and the Missouri Ozarks from this historic vantage point. I am already planning for my 2008 “McDonald County Santa” to be about saving this wonderful old bridge and donating a portion of the proceeds to this cause.  The  McDonald County Santa will not be available until later in the year.

(Scroll down to have a look at a special one of a kind Santa that Linda created to be raffled........ with your first opportunity coming at the Powell Historic Preservation Society fundraiser.) 


Even the "critters" love the majestic old iron bridge at Powell.  This one-of-a-kind sculpt by Linda depicts the cardinals, rabbit, and deer appealing to Santa to help save the old bridge.

The Powell Historic Preservation Society will host an auction on Saturday, February 9th, from
1 - 4 p.m. at the Rocky Comfort Elementary School.  All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards saving the bridge.

This event will be your first opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for Linda's one-of-a-kind
"Powell Bridge Santa". 
Raffle tickets for the "Historic Powell Bridge Santa"  will be priced as follows:
1 for $5.00
3 for $10.00
10 for $20.00

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