The Snickle 2000 Club

This Club was formed for both casual and avid collectors of Linda Lindquist Baldwin's "Snickles".

Because of Linda's long time work with, and interest in, persons with developmental disabilities, all revenues from the club's fund raising efforts will directly benefit these individuals.


The Fundraising Committee is selling numbered signed prints of the Ancestral Home of Linda Lindquist Baldwin by Artist Mike Jilge. Each print sells for $10. The artist is donating $5 to our club charity for each print that is sold. These prints can be mailed for an additional charge of $2.80.

A name has been chosen for the club charity - Linda's Snickles In Service. We have already provided necessary equipment and services for five different individuals and their families. A special swing for a 6 year old girl, horse riding therapy for an 8 year old boy, guardianship funding for an 18 year old girl, bedroom furniture for one young man, and clothing for another young man. We have plans to help many more developmentally disabled. If you or someone you know has a special need, please contact our club through our club sponsor to make application.

 Please contact our club sponsor, at 417-623-7750 to receive an application to join our club, (you can print out an application here and mail it in) or to purchase the "Old Homestead" print, or to make application for a grant.

*Click here to learn about "The Great Lakes Snickle Club" newly formed in January 2003 for those in the Upper Midwest Area