These are some pictures from the creek and area where Linda spent her childhood. She is with her long loved companion, her little dog Jake.

Even in simple rocks she sees beauty. Here is where she found the rock that inspired her "Snowman on Rock"piece from the "Linda's Favorite Collection".

When Linda's mother was about to give birth to Linda, the creeks were rising and her mother wanted to be on the same side of the creek as the doctor. They crossed the creek and stayed at a cousin's house. Linda was born early on a Sunday morning and the doctor, who had been out late the night before, did not show up in very good condition afterall.

Her cousin's house

The flag at half mast after President John F. Kennedy was assinated,
November 22 1963 at Linda's school in S.W. Missouri.

Linda sometimes has to take a break from always "Snickling".

They really like her.
Is it her shirt or is it the hay?
The really like her....or is it the hay.
The really like her....or is it the hay.