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Linda will sign her pieces (at many of these events) and loves to meet everyone.

Even if she is not scheduled to give a talk, she always has a lot to say.

Note: A lot of Linda's time is spent as a motivational/inspirational  speaker at private clubs, groups and organizations. We will only list her events that are open to the public. Call for more information,  times and scheduling changes.

Linda as Humoristsp

Date Event and Place Address City, State Phone for
April 28th Ozark Christian College Women's Retreat
Linda will speak at 9am as "precession" speaker- FREE but must register
1111 Main St
Joplin, MO 417-624-2518
ex 2706

Nov  8
Linda will be doing a Signing at Magnolia House in Joplin, MO 1-3 pm
1202 S Joplin St   

Joplin    MO 41-623-7750
Dec 7
Linda's OPEN HOUSE in JOPLIN, Missouri  1-5pm at Shifferdecker Park in Joplin......this will be a great event.
4th & Schifferdecker
Joplin, MO