Linda's Annual Open House December 2, 2001

Linda trys to greet everyone.

She came all the way from Michigan to Joplin, Missouri just to be at the Open House! We knew of others who came from the Dakotas, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Iowa and Florida

Signing up for an "opportunity" to purchase an original one-of-a-kind papier-mache santa individually hand sculpted, painted and numbered by Linda, joining the "Snickles 2000 Club" and buying a few of the collector bags and mouse pads offered this year.

Custom design canvas tote bag to show off what you carry around!

Everyone waiting until Linda began calling numbers.

After everyone gets a choice piece, the doors were open for the "fun rush" where everyone can pick whatever and how much they want. These are exclusive edition pieces individually hand painted, signed and dated by Linda and available only at her annual open house.

(Click on the Picture to see what happened when the curtain was opened to this room!)

*People have been asking to see the pieces that were available at the Open House.*
Click here to see some of what everyone was so excited about!

A lot of people left happy with thoughts of additions to their Christmas displays.  

After endless months of preperation, and many long days and nights, Linda still took the time to sit and sign pieces for those who could stay.

More pictures from the 2001 Open House. Did you attend?

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