Linda Lindquist Baldwin at the Second Annual Pineville Artist Walk
October 1, 2005 on and around the Pineville, Missouri Square
(See one of the Door Prizes at the bottom of the page)

Church of Memories

This peaceful little church reminds me of my childhood in beautiful McDonald County, Missouri.

Like my Mother before me, I walked to Poplar Hill, a one-room country school which also served as our church.  In the rural area between Powell and Cyclone, Poplar Hill was the gathering place for many community events and the center for most social affairs.  Within the walls of this church/school are some of my dearest memories and I could fill the pages of a book with my cherished recollections of those long-ago days.

I also have fond memories of walking to a one-room church/school near Powell for Bible School.  Along with my siblings, I eagerly set out on the 4 mile trek, walking barefoot on the dirt road and carrying my shoes so they would be nice and clean when I got there.  It was a lovely walk for this little barefoot girl who loved the beautiful scenery and wildlife…until I got to the swinging bridge, which crossed over the crystal-clear waters of Big Sugar Creek.  As soon as I took a few steps onto the bridge, the boys would start jumping up and down on it, making it twist and swing wildly.  Even though I was afraid of the bridge, I couldn’t give up, because the church/school was in sight.  I mustered up my courage and crossed the bridge, sometimes crawling, because I knew an exciting day awaited me.

I loved hearing the Bible stories and learning about the Bible heroes who displayed great courage and faith.  They made my brave crossing of the swinging bridge seem “almost” trivial.  By the end of the day, the boys, who also attended Bible School, were very repentant about their swinging bridge prank…until the next morning when I again stepped onto the bridge.

My favorite time, however, was Christmas at the little country church.  We would cut a cedar tree and adorn it with hand-made decorations then the Christmas pageant would follow.  (I loved to show off my immense talent at playing a sheep or donkey!)  After the program each child would receive a sack of candy, fruit and nuts…a rare treat for us country kids.  The evening ended with Christmas carols, and sometimes, as the last refrain of  “Silent Night” filled the air, we would step out into the night and be greeted by soft snowflakes gliding silently to the ground. 

Linda's Church

Each piece is individually
resculpted, painted, trimmed,
signed, dated and numbered
by Linda Lindquist Baldwin!

Linda Saved Out some of these
"UN"Event pieces for her collectors
who do not use email or are not on
her email list.

A portion of the proceeds from
these pieces will be donated to
the Hurricane  Relief
Fund of the Red Cross and each
will be labeled:
The American Spirit
People helping People
 Linda's special pieces for this event!  Linda is so busy sculpting and painting her Scarecrow Figurines and Trees
she barely had time to get some pictures.  Here they are....

Scarecrow Figurine
Scarecrow Bell
Scarecrow Ornament
Halloween Trees
3rd in Series Holiday Celebration Exclusive Santa with Stars

 Each piece is individually resculpted, painted, trimmed, signed, dated and numbered by Linda Lindquist Baldwin! 
These are only available from Linda.

Item Description
 Santa Figurine
 Santa Ornament
 Snowlady Figurine
 Snowlady Ornament
Scarecrow Figurine $50.00
Scarecrow Bell $25.00
Scarecrow Ornament $12.50
Halloween Tree $35.00
3rd in Series Holiday Celebration Exclusive Santa with Stars

Sign up at Pineville to win this Tree and other wonderful
door prizes at Linda's booth in front of the Elk River
Abstract Office just off the square.

Linda is making more of these trees for her
December 4th in Joplin, Missouri.
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The church is just under 8 inches in length.