Please note the date, time and the addition of the Picture Frame to be given away!!!!!!!!
(see below for the frame)
"Pineville Art Walk"
McDonald County Art Walk on the Historic Square of Pineville, Missouri
September 30, 2006  10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
(note the Santa With Sleigh below)

Here are some pictures of what Linda will have to offer her collectors at this fun event.
(Each is a special piece not available in stores and only available at one of Linda's events)
Come on out to Pineville as there are lots of art works  and
fun things to see.
(32 other artists will also be there)
And of course, Linda will be there meeting everyone and signing pieces.  Be sure and bring your favorite pieces from your favorite retail store and she will sign them for you.  She will sign three pieces at a time and you can get back in line as long as time allows.


This snowgirl and the santas with letters and packages tell a love story about  how my mother, a Pineville high school girl, met my father while picking up  her Christmas letters and packages at the Cyclone Post Office.  This picture of them and the Cyclone Post Office and their love story (on the back of the picture) will come free with each piece.

Story card front

   Blue Santa w/Letters & Packages Figurine $43.00
   Blue Santa w/Letters & Package Bell  $25.00
   Blue Santa w/Letter & Package Ornament  $12.00
   Snowlady w/Letter & Package Figurine  $20.00
    Some will be offered in matched sets.

storuy card back

This is part of the story on the back of the picture card of Linda's parents and the Cyclone Post Office.
Stacks of Mischievous Pumpkins

These are Linda's "Stacks of Mischievous Pumpkins"
each piece is signed, dated and numbered 1 of 1
No two are alike. $25.00

nearly 12" long .....Reindeer w/Santa & Sleigh  $55.00

witch purse
This one-of-a-kind original purse, by Linda Lindquist Baldwin, will be given away at Pineville.  Linda will try to make sure that one of her collectors wins this beautiful hand made piece.  The Picture Frame will also be given away.
back side

Linda will have a few signed churches if she can get them ready in time.

Open House 2005
2005 collection

2006 Pieces

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