Linda announces her monthly drawing for her collectors.
(And she has an announcement you have all been waiting for.)

The January drawing is done.  .........The Lucky winner is Nancy Pisciotto from Florida and she will receive the Santa w/Percy the Museum Cat and Linda's Dog Snickles.  (see below for picture of this beautiful historic piece)

Linda's announcement:
We will soon be posting pictures of some of the pieces in Linda's 2009 Collection.  We know you are going to love them!
When we received our price quotes, we were shocked with the significant increase in costs.

Because Linda doesn't want to pass these price increases on to her collectors, she is revising some of her sculptures in an attempt to negotiate lower prices.  As you know, Linda is committed to her collectors and always strives to do what is best for them.
In the midst of tough economic times, we are happy to report that 2008 was a very good year for us.  We are grateful that you, our loyal collectors, recognize and appreciate Linda's constant efforts to keep her Snickles very limited and exclusive and to diligently protect your investment in her Snickle Collections.
Linda is as busy as bee working on "Un"Event pieces.  As spring approaches, many of you are asking for more Haresnickles to add to your collection. So, Linda, always eager to please, is designing a very dignified Mr. Rabbit to help you celebrate the season.
We are looking forward to a great 2009 and are anxious to unveil Linda's new creations.

See the winner of the December drawing below. (scroll down)

Get one of these cards from your favorite Snickle Retailer
when you make a purchase and be entered into Linda's monthly drawing for one of her exclusive re-sculpted pieces.

December's lucky winner is April Van Gheem from  Wisconson.  She wins the large Snowman!  All she has to do is watch her mail box.
We will have one more drawing the end of January so if you got Snickles for Christmas or have bought some recently to be sure and send in your cards.

And we will have pictures of the 2009 line up soon!!!

November's lucky winner is Gary Lewis from Ohio.  Gary will receive the large Santa with Flag.  All he has to do is check his mail.....

October's lucky winner is........Cindy Rascone from New Jersey.  Cindy will receive the Tan Santa with Trees.  All she has to do is watch her mail ...

September's lucky WINNER is..... Bonnie Thomas from Iowa.  Bonnie will receive the Ghost with Broom and needs only to watch her mail.  If you know Bonnie give her a call and let her know as I do not think she has email ....

from  Wisconson.  Roberta just happens to be another one of Linda's big collectors and we are pleased to give her the  Santa Bell with sled and wreath.

AND THE WINNER FOR JULY IS...Angie Walkenback from Missouri who has long been one of Linda's loyal collectors.  She has sent in several cards and still has a chance in the following monthly drawings.  The Snow Man with the flag and flag sweater is the first piece to be given away.

Please everyone take note that it is possible to get one of the historic pieces about the local Joplin Museum cat.   Linda made this to 'glorify' the famous Museum Cat, 'Persy', and Linda's own dog 'Snickles'.  "Perfect Pets."

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