I am unwilling to do anything that would be uncaring or unfair to any of my collectors.  In fact, I would be downright unhappy if I thought my actions were unkind to anyone.  Yet I’ve heard from dozens of you who, because you live too far away, are unable to attend my annual Christmas Open House/Holiday Celebration in Joplin, Missouri, or, as Halloween approaches, the Art Walk in Pineville, Missouri.  At these events, I show and sell original and/or Exclusive Edition works of art which are unavailable anywhere else.

Uncomfortable with the fact that, because of distance, some of you may feel unimportant to me, my team and I have put our thinkin’ caps on and come up with an unprecedented idea.  We will host an “Un” Holiday Event, AKA, an “Un” Event.  Remember the “Un” Birthday Tea Party hosted by the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland?  (Don’t misunderstand; I am not likening myself to the Mad Hatter, because in reality, I’m quite unlike him!!)  With this unrushed, uncrowded event, it will be unnecessary to travel anywhere.  Shucks, you can even be undressed, with uncombed hair, just lounging around in your underwear.  All you will need is access to e-mail.

I understand not everyone uses a computer (I am unskilled with a computer, too), but I’m sure everyone knows an unselfish person who would help them participate in my “Un” Event. 

I plan to offer a variety of highly collectible pieces.  And, because I appreciate my collectors’ encouragement and support, I am unwavering in my determination to offer these collections at prices well below market value as a “Thank You” to my collectors for their unfailing loyalty. 

I may even dig around in my storage areas and see what I can uncover.  Believing that I will unearth rare odds and ends, most in very limited numbers, which I will re-sculpt, repaint etc., I am sure my “Un” Event will be an unqualified success.

This is an uncharted area, and I am uncertain about all of the details.  But, because it is unacceptable to me for anyone, whether they live near or far away, to be left out, I request that, at this time, you simply sign up to be on my “Un” Event e-mail invitation list.  Then at some unknown time, unassociated with any Holiday, we will e-mail you about my “Un” Event and unveil my “un” collection.

doubtedly Yours,

Linda Lindquist Baldwin
(and my unshakable “Un” Team)


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